It is always distressing to see your child suffering physical or mental distress. However, the good news is that most children respond very positively to hypnotherapy for all conditions.

Children have many issues and it is important that they over come them sooner rather than later, otherwise they tend to find them working their way into adulthood with some long term and ongoing consequences.

Hypnotherapy helps with issues such as bullying, surgical trauma, accidents, abuse, addictions, habits, exams fears, illness, phobias, eczema and other medical conditions, eating disorders, effects of divorce or separation, death of a close family member, friend or relative, change of home and new schools and much more.

Teenagers also work effectively with hypnosis for overcoming many of the pressures that they are encounter, through peer pressure, internet, advertising, gangs, drugs, education,  leaving home for continued education, exams, going on to work etc.

Sharon has worked with pediatric consultants and professors to help children and teens work through some complex issues in a noninvasive way. The treatment is often quick yet highly effective as most children do not want to sustain long term therapy to over come their problems.

Parents are welcome to come into the session although the session focus is on the child and very often the child opens up with more ease without the parent as they are less inhibited to share what they consider most private to them.

If need be, treatment can be held on site in hospitals, hospices and dental practices with the agreement of the medical and dental professionals to help overcome issues such as hospital stays alone, medical and dental phobias and other traumas.

Group sessions are run to help empower and give confidence to children regarding exams and studying and nurturing their desire to reach new goals and working with the ideas that they felt were unobtainable

Groups for dental and medical phobias and overcoming medical problems, such as skin conditions, needle phobias, IBS, and many other problems are held to teach the power of ones mind over the body.

Group sessions for teenage girls to help overcome  and cope with PMT and physical changes to their body to acquire useful life affirming tools. Sharon also works with a Herbalist and Naturopath; Sandra Collazo  who is a lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and has experience of supporting girls and women with their hormonal health.


If any of the above situations apply to your child and you’ve run out of ideas, hypnotherapy has been proven extremely effective in treating a wide range of children’s problems.

The advantage of this approach is that the child does not even need to discuss their ‘problem’ if they don’t want to. This is very useful if the child finds it difficult to discuss what he or she is going through.