Benefits of Dental Hypnosis

  • Financial benefits to the dental practice include:
  • Highly satisfied patients referring to other individuals
  • Increased visits by previously fearful non-visiting patients
  • Ease of administration of procedures leading to faster turn around
  • Greater efficiency and less burnout amongst staff due to less stress
  • Reduced usage of anaesthetic


Training Course 1

This course is the foundation for you and your team to use hypnosis as an additional tool for your practice.

It prepares you with a practical understanding of hypnosis and its uses and how to apply the techniques within your dental practice.

With many hundreds of hours in a variety of dental practices, Sharon has expert knowledge in this field of hypnotherapy.

  • Filmed presentations of live dental procedures carried out using hypnosis for various applications
  • How to work with children
  • Live demonstrations of pain control
  • Intensive interactive training
  • Ease pain and discomfort in patients
  • Improve patient compliance for dental procedures
  • Boost attendance for checkups and cleaning
  • Improve staff wellbeing due to increased cooperation of patients


Training Course 2

Following on from Course 1 and having now had practice time with patients to become familiar with the techniques and have gained confidence in applying hypnosis as part of your everyday practice you will be encouraged to:

  • Alleviate dental anxiety and phobia,
  • Reduce or eliminate needle phobia
  • Teach your patients to self hypnotise
  • Work with group hypnosis to encourage patient participation
  • Eliminate or reduce gagging
  • Hypnosis for bruxism
  • Carry out hypnoanalgesia for anaesthetic adverse patients

The course follows the GDC guidelines for CPD.


Evening training course meet up groups

Sharon offers dentists the chance to continue to gain confidence in their abilities to use hypnosis in their practice through these groups. There are further options to learn more techniques and inductions and discuss more complex issues that arise with patients.

These groups may involve further live demonstrations with patients and are more advanced in mastering the skills.


Booking for individuals and small to large groups

Courses can be held for private dental practices throughout the country and in many countries at your own clinic or location of your choice. They are also available in London locations for groups of up to 30 participants. Individual dental practitioners can organise a one to one training or bring along their associates and practice staff, this is always highly recommended.  One day dental trainings are an excellent way to begin to acquire an awareness of hypnosis for the dental practice without having to commit to longer studies.

Conference Seminars and Trainings 

If you wish to bring in this interesting subject into your conference, Sharon holds talks and seminars for the dental profession and if your company wish to hire this service for exhibitions, shows and CPD training groups from 1 hour to a full day or more, please contact us for more information.