There is now plenty of evidence to suggest that mothers who learn hypnotic procedures prior to labour have easier and shorter experience of labour, report fewer complications and rarely experience post natal depression.

They are also less likely to use analgesics and require fewer surgical interventions. Best of all, though, is that most are quite ready to repeat the procedure with their next baby.

If you’re a Mum to be who wants to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy for yourself and your child, book an appointment at 32 weeks, or earlier. I’ll show you how to tune into the needs of your body so you can relax and manage any pain that arises.

Once you feel comfortable and confident in the process you can just allow your baby to grow and be born in a natural way. The result is a placid, contented baby and happy delighted Mum.

The first trimester

This is a time adjustment for your body as it learns to accommodate to the changes brought about by the little person growing there. Hypnotherapy can help you to ensure your child is well nurtured as well as helping you deal with mood swings, managing your eating habits or dealing with bouts of tiredness.
Hypnotherapy can also assist with a broad range of other issues, such as anxiety regarding medical procedures, fear of needles or examination discomfort. I have even helped diabetics and people with high or low blood pressure.

Morning Sickness

One of the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, especially when it continues on past the first trimester. However hypnotherapy has proven very effective in managing or ending this condition.

The third trimester

Having had your scan you’ll now be aware of your baby growing and moving. You may already know whether its a boy or girl and perhaps even have chosen a name. So you are now ready to prepare for the birth. This is a lovely time to start a series of relaxing hypnotherapy sessions that will enable you to connect with your baby and set the scene for a happy and successful birth.

Premature labour

Evidence suggests that if a hypnotherapist can be available within 12 hours, muscles can be relaxed, baby and mother can settle down and the pregnancy can proceed as normal.

When baby needs turning

Hypnotherapy can encourage your muscles to gently turn your baby towards the ideal birthing position. This happens quite naturally and often fairly soon, though sometimes it takes a couple of days.