Few things are so uniquely upsetting as the inability to have children. There’s a tendency, particularly among women to feel a sense of guilt and responsibility.

It can soon become an obsession that consumes your whole life. So, as well as the condition itself there are often accompanying feelings of depression, stress and unworthiness to deal with.

The facts

Fertility is a state of health that promotes the body’s natural ability to produce reproductive hormones. If you fail to get pregnant after two years of regular, unprotected sex, then you may be experiencing infertility. Around one couple in seven have this difficulty and in 20% of cases the cause is unknown.

How Hypnotherapy can increase fertility

We have all heard stories about couples who gave up on having a child, or even applied for adoption, only for pregnancy to occur shortly afterwards. Often this can happen on holiday or in unusual circumstances where the couple found themselves outside their usual routine.

Sometimes if you and your partner can just learn to relax properly and get get back to tenderly enjoying each other, it will just happen. Of course, it’s not all in the mind, but there is no question that confidence, a sense of perspective and the ability to control your emotions are important factors, and hypnotherapy can help with this.

It can also aid relaxation, which makes for healthy eggs and sperm, though diet, exercise, cutting out toxins also have a role to play. Hypnotherapy is also very useful if you’re still dealing with past traumas around pregnancy, loss or grief.