Hypnotherapy for Dentistry (Hypnodontics)

Many dentists are interested in the potential of hypnotherapy as an alternative to local or general anaesthetic during major procedures. The problem is finding a training course that will give them the confidence to offer this procedure to their own patients.

This is where the Institute of Hypnotherapy for Medical and Dental Practice (IHMDP) comes in. IHMDP offers a range of practical courses specifically designed for GDPs, imparting knowledge and skills that can be taken back into practice and used literally the next day.

I am the co-founder of the IHMDP in conjunction with Dr John Butler 

John has been using hypnotherapy in his medical practice for some 30 years and now has a number of high profile clients. His confidence in the technique even extended to having a serious procedure carried out on himself, and filmed, using self-administered hypnoanalgesia as his only form of pain relief. The video is available on YouTube… for the non squeamish.

Here is what one attendee said about the course :

“Everything as practical and hands-on as possible. Within an hour or so we were working in small groups carrying out hypnotic inductions on each other, with varying levels of success. Rather than use rigid scripts, we are taught the principles of the various techniques and allows each operator’s imagination and creativity to develop their own personal style.
It’s rare to find dental courses where something genuinely new and useful is taught; so many are just a rehash of existing knowledge, or a glorified advert for some product or service. This course was quite definitely in the ‘new and useful’ category; it’s a very long time since I felt my mind, preconceptions and ways of working so completely stretched, challenged and altered.
The course was quite comprehensive and we have all returned to our practices ready to put them into effect. However, we will need to keep practicing the skills we learned many more times in order to become fully proficient.”

The benefits and uses of hypnosis in dentistry include:

  • management of nervous patients
  • treating dental phobia and needle phobia
  • analgesia and anaesthesia
  • suppression of gag reflex
  • better cooperation
  • faster healing
  • control of bruxism and clenching
  • compliance with oral hygiene instructions
  • attending for regular recalls
  • recommendations to other potential patients
  • dentists’ own personal development
  • team building and training

There’s nothing to fear
Even if you hate the sound of your own voice and think it could never relax anyone – you’d be amazed what you’re capable of doing with just a little guidance.