Hi Sharon, I thought I would write to you to thank you for the huge impact you have had on Joseph and our lives.
After 8 years of trying to find ‘the cure’ for his eczema through conventional and un-conventional medicine (which had some impact) working with many doctors and Great Ormond Street (who were really nice) we finally met you. Nothing has helped us get Josephs skin under control as much as your Hypnotherapy.
The impact on his and our lives I simply can’t explain. He is calmer, easier to help and we don’t need to cover him on Emulsifying ointment, Protopic or Propaderm all the time which was both time consuming and difficult for us and embarrassing and annoying for Joe.
I have to admit that at first I was a little cynical and possibly desperate for it to work. It has. He has gone his longest period of having real skin on 95% of his body with hardly any intervention from us. I can’t thank you enough and can only hope that you can offer the same treatment to as many frustrated families as possible.

Cliff Findlay

Since starting hypnotherapy with Sharon Waxkirsh, my life has improved dramatically. I first came to Sharon with some hesitation due to previous unsatisfactory experiences with other hypnotherapists, but Sharon's professional demeanour, warm personality, and ability to relate hypnotherapy to real life issues helped establish a deep and trusting relationship that I value.
During my first session early this year, I came prepared with an intention in mind, an intention to create self-value. I have since experienced 8 sessions with Sharon, and felt astounded at the change that's occurred over time. The affects have been like ripples in water, extending into various facets of my life.
Some effects of creating self-value are: improved body image, increased self-confidence, learning about financial flow and wealth management, systemising business operations, creating a better client experience, and focused business planning.
It was about taking the good with the bad, and placing emotional attachment to one side, to objectively scrutinise my life in order to determine what was best for me. A lot of times the decisions I made were from a new way of thinking and so fear arose, but Sharon's work helped me understand and control this defense mechanism.
In a few months, I went from being self-employed, to running my business with an entrepreneurial mindset. I am now in the position to sell my business and move to the United States. Sharon's hypnotherapy work has helped me realise that I can achieve what I set my mind to, and the changes that occur unfold even greater opportunities for self-growth and wealth.
I also highly recommend her Developing Life Programme for expectant couples. As a professional specialising in Thai Pregnancy massage, I found her course powerful in giving couples tools to experience a calm childbirth. The Developing Life Programme not only provided myself new insight, but has helped my pregnant clients embrace and enjoy their journey towards motherhood in powerful ways.
I will miss seeing Sharon and have no hesitation to recommend her hypnotherapy service to anyone.


I went to see Sharon since I lacked clarity with the direction I wanted my life to take. After just 3 sessions I have made a life changing decision which is all for the better – I wished I had done it sooner! I would strongly recommend Sharon to anyone.


I was delighted to have a hypnotherapy session. In the session we were able to identify what things were holding me back. For me it was about trusting and owning my actions. Now I do not hold back and my mental shift allows me to engage new tasks that I did not think would work. My more positive outlook has enabled me to be more empowered and inspired about my actions.

Wayde Duncan-Smith

The things I learnt on the Developing Life self hypnosis course was that self hypnosis is easy, simple I realised the ease I could do self hypnosis and that it was enjoyable.


After the self hypnosis day I felt good and more confident about achieving my goals, I also realise what we tell ourselves become what you live, I need to relax more…


I would like to again thank you for your help in assisting me to overcome my fear of dancing. Just the thought of dancing in public would have gripped me with fear a few weeks ago, but now I am able to enjoy my time on the dance floor, no longer worried about what I might look like and what others may think. Your hypnotherapy allowed me to relax and knowingly make different choices about my fears. As I was on the dance floor I could hear some of your calming words in my head and I was so proud of myself.
Many thanks again, Katie.

Katie Krais

Sharon has been invaluable in helping my young daughter to deal with deep anxieties about her hospital treatment. Sharon has an extraordinary talent in helping others to use hypnotherapy techniques to empower them to overcome their fears. She combines her professionalism with a sympathetic and friendly understanding which puts her patients immediately at ease. I recommend her without reservation

L and L Surrey

Thank you for the sessions that we had recently.
During the first session we identified a powerful emotional block which we cleared together and a related physical health issue also cleared for the first time in about 8 months, which was amazing.
The second session 3 weeks later showed that the anxiety around this issue hadn’t returned. We also focused on my nail biting habit which I am glad to sa that I still have my purple nail varnish on and my nails look great (I said that I would keep my nails painted in funky colours in the future). Also I was able to feel completely relaxed and amazing afterwards.
Thank you very much.

Liz Sorton

When I attended the Developing Life Seminar, a day long session on hypnotherapy, I had some idea about hypnotherapy. I had many years earlier used it as a tool to enable me to give up smoking. I wanted to know and to learn techniques that could help me in my everyday life that would enable me to get rid of bad habits such as negative thinking, comfort eating, putting myself down and so on; the kind of habits that we slip into and think are hard to change. The day started with an informative explanation about hypnotherapy; what it can and can not do. We were not going to fall into a coma and start behaving like a chicken, for example. We learned that we were always in control and although we would go into a deep state, we could always come out of it straight away if there was an emergency like a fire.
Over the course of the day we were guided into a hypnotherapeutic state several times, learning to use visualization and positive words to programme our sub conscious minds with the messages that would help us break behaviour patterns. We were also taught how to come out of each session and how to use a memory ‘’anchor” to recall our subliminal message when we needed it. Other inter-active exercises included learning how to feel people’s ‘body space’ and using a pendulum to reach the sub-conscious – which amazingly, really worked!
All in all in was a fantastic day. Every one around the room, whether they had known anything about hypnotherapy before or not, clearly learned as much as I did. It sounds absurd but I could see people changing in front of me, after each hypnotherapy session. What I am most pleased about though is the fact that we were giving an informative manual and CD containing a hypnotherapy practice session, so that we can continue practicing what we learned – and get rid of those nasty habits for good!
I strongly recommend that everyone who has something in their life that they want to change attend this course.

Jo Lynn

I have really enjoyed learning about the self hypnosis techniques and the correct way of doing it.


I learnt how to deal with issues and hoe to work on them, I also learnt things can change but of course you have to work on these and that not everyone is the same!